Dune House

This house for three generations of one family is situated on a dune on the South Fork of Long Island, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to the south and vast state parkland to the north and west. The binuclear plan allows members the family a degree of autonomy in the two story volumes and then connects them in the single story living room/kitchen and outdoor spaces. This separation of the two larger masses of the house by a low, see-through connector gives the impression of a smaller building, more cottage like in scale . While capturing the views to the ocean and park was important it was equally vital to create a sense of enclosure in this exposed environment. The scale of the rooms and window openings as well as the warm interior material choices give the house an intimate feel.
Passive House design and construction methods were used to create an extremely low energy consuming house with solar panels on the roof to offset electrical use. There are no fossil fuels consumed on site, all systems are electrically powered.

Team: Bill Ryall, Niall Carroll
Photos by Donna Dotan

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