Long Branch Passive House

Located in the town of Long Branch, New Jersey, a block away from the Atlantic Ocean, this compact passive house sits on an extremely small lot surrounded by single and multiple family dwellings. Deemed “too small to build on” the lot had remained vacant for years until a young professional couple took on the challenge of building a new passive house as their full-time residence.

The house is all-electric, with a solar photovoltaic array and two outdoor decks that expand the usable space to the exterior. Continuous 4” mineral wool insulation and triple-pane windows create a high-performance, extremely airtight (0.6 ACH/50 PA) envelope. The kitchen, cantilevered over the driveway provides a sheltered space for car parking and recharging.

Team: Ted Sheridan, Will Robinette, Bernadette McCrann

New Jersey  Passive-House