Shelter Island House

This house on Shelter Island, NY was designed to function both as a place for large parties as well as a setting for intimate family gatherings. The more functional, intimate rooms such as the
bedrooms and kitchen are in the side wings and these are connected by a double-height living
room with open views to the water and the gardens.

The hybrid steel and mass timber structure is revealed throughout the building, including the
glulam columns, which are up to 25’. These were sources in upstate NY. Additionally, the wood-framed, triple-pane windows and doors came from Maine.

These high-performance windows are one component in the building envelope which helps
to reduce the energy needs of this large home. The thick walls and roof provide ample insulation values and an efficient ERV (energy recovery ventilator) provides fresh air without losing energy from the building. The heating and cooling systems are all electric and a large solar panel array covers much of the energy use of the house.

Photography by Arjan Bronkhorst

Long Island